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Applying for a Short Term Major Medical Plan

This product is not suitable for everyone……………Call before purchasing.  


Remember, per the new federal tax law, the ACA penalty changed to 0% in 2019, and NEW federal and AZ law regulations allow STM plans to be purchased for 12 month terms, or two-12 month terms.

Short term health plans have become an alternative for those trying to escape the full costs of an ACA/Obamacare plan, in great health, who are considering going UN-insured, and just need an affordable catastrophic policy.

STM plans are NOT ACA compliant, NOT eligible for ACA tax credits, and do NOT cover pre-existing conditions. They exclude coverage for prescriptions, maternity, mental health, preventative care, and other limits/exclusions.  (Read your policy) These plans should only be utilized by consumers who are not eligible for tax credits (due to higher income) and in great health.  These plans can be a great bridge for consumers who are: between jobs, awaiting group coverage to be effective, not eligible for ACA special enrollment period, or eligible for Medicare age 65 in the near future.

Federal and AZ laws changed, and you are now allowed to buy 12 month terms, or “Two – 12 month terms”  

This is critical to ensure you are covered most of a calendar year (12 months), as the ACA/”Obamacare” insurance market is closed for most of the year. 

Plans include up to $1 million per benefit period, with flexible $2,500 – $10,000 deductibles, and ancillary plans to add on (accident, illness inpatient, cancer, heart attack & stroke).  

National General uses the Aetna Open Choice PPO nationwide network.  

Plans do NOT cover pre-existing conditions, maternity, Rx and other items that can be found in the limitations and exclusion section of the policy.


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